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Dessert open doors for new opportunities, dreams, and possibilities.
Glow, is a new innovation that gives you the “glow” feel as you dine, share some heart to heart conversations with your loved ones and families. When you step into glow restaurant, you notice that the atmosphere is enchanting, magical and jaw-dropping. Our lighting system is just a tip of the iceberg. We hold more surprises for you as you proceed to eat.

Glow, offers top quality desserts, carefully selected, creatively and expertly prepared to give you the exact delicious taste of your favorite European and American desserts. We source the finest ingredients, take the time to prepare and dress our desserts using top-notch Italian machinery and a touch of glow. From sweetened milkshakes to crepes, our menu is loaded to give you a mouthwatering experience and an enchanting glow feeling.

make your sweet dreams come true

Host Your Next Event at Glow

The magic at glow restaurant makes it the best venue for any event. From birthday parties to cocktail dinners, bachelorette or bridal parties and family gatherings, we have just the best lightning, food menus and clientele service. What are you waiting for? Why not use an enchanted restaurant for your next event and watch your guests glow.

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