The brain freeze you feel the moment one lick of glow’s sweetened frozen treat touches the roof of your mouth is what makes ice cream the coolest dessert in history. Our ice cream is made from milk, combined with flavors, fruits, topping, sugar, stabilizers, and other ingredients. Ice cream desserts is a perfect explanation of why you should never skip dessert. It contains vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients such as calories, grams of moisture, fat, protein, carbohydrate, dietary fiber, sugar, vitamin D, lipid fats, VitB2, VitC, VitA, VitB12, VitB5, Vit6, VitE, VitK, calcium, and phosphorus.

Glow ice cream dessert is the best way to end any meal. Over the years, it has continued to remain first in the world of frozen desserts. This frozen goodness is available in diverse unique flavors like:

Rum and raisin
Tutti frutti
Salted caramel
Peanut butter ice cream
Peppermint ice cream
Blueberry cheese cake ice cream
Raspberry ice cream
Chocolate ice cream
Maple walnut ice cream
Mint chocolate ice cream
Coconut milk ice cream
Butterscotch ice cream
Burgundy cherry ice cream
Banana ice cream
Beer ice cream
Chocolate mint ice cream and others.

No ice cream is ever complete without glow toppings. From caramel to fruits, to syrup, to sprinkles, to M&M’s, we have a wide variety to add extra spice, taste, and sweetness to an already fantastic treat.

Fruits: Your preferred ice cream flavor served with a cherry on top, chunks of pineapple, apple, slices of mangoes, strawberry, raspberry, coconut, blueberry and others laced with caramel makes ice cream more fun.

Sprinkle toppings: A scoop of your choice of ice cream covered with a tablespoon of rainbow sprinkles, Christmas sprinkles, cotton candy crunch, chopped cookies and creme, toasted coconut flakes, chocolate gems, chocolate flakes toppings, gummy bears, M&M’s, rainbow nerds, Reese’s pieces and so many others. Sprinkles are the classic ice cream toppings, and they taste great with any flavor.

Syrup: Whether chocolate syrup or maple syrup, your choice of ice cream drizzled with any syrup with a cherry on top is the best way to eat ice cream.

You can enjoy our ice cream by eating it from a dish with a spoon or licking from a cone. Whichever way you choose is perfect as long as you don’t skip our ice cream dessert.

No meal is complete without glow ice cream dessert.

Our delectable Ice Cream menu includes: